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Breaking Barriers: Old Sun Community College's Accessibility for Indigenous Students

Improving Access to Education

Old Sun Community College recognizes the challenges faced by Indigenous students in accessing quality education. To address this, the college has implemented various initiatives, such as:

Promoting Cultural Relevance

The college understands the importance of incorporating Indigenous culture and perspectives into the curriculum. By doing so, Old Sun Community College aims to foster a sense of belonging and identity for Indigenous students. Some key initiatives in this regard are:

Supporting Student Success

Old Sun Community College is committed to supporting Indigenous students throughout their academic journey. The college provides comprehensive support services, including:


Old Sun Community College's dedication to accessibility and inclusion has made significant positive impacts on Indigenous students. By creating a supportive and culturally relevant learning environment, the college has successfully broken down barriers and provided opportunities for academic success.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What scholarships are available for Indigenous students at Old Sun Community College?

Old Sun Community College offers various scholarships specifically designed to support Indigenous students. These scholarships aim to alleviate financial barriers and encourage access to quality education.

2. Are there any cultural events held at Old Sun Community College?

Yes, the college organizes cultural events throughout the year, providing opportunities for Indigenous students to engage with their culture and traditions within an educational setting.

3. How can Indigenous students access academic advising and tutoring?

Indigenous students can easily access academic advising and tutoring services offered by Old Sun Community College by contacting the college's student support center or respective academic departments.

4. Are there opportunities for Indigenous students to connect with successful alumni?

A mentorship program is available at Old Sun Community College, connecting Indigenous students with successful alumni who can provide guidance, support, and valuable insights.

5. What flexible learning options are offered to Indigenous students?

Old Sun Community College offers flexible learning options, such as online courses and part-time programs, to accommodate the varying needs and schedules of Indigenous students.