Financial Assistance
Upgrading Financial Support

(University/College Entrance Preparation Program)

I. Purpose
The purpose of the U.C.E.P program is to provide financial support to Siksika students who are able to attain the academic level required for entrance into college or university level programs within one academic year.

II. Student Eligibility for Support
To be eligible to receive support as a U.C.E.P.P student it is necessary that:

1.1 The applicant is a Siksika member who has been accepted for enrolment in a U.C.E.P program of a public post secondary institution;

1.2 The applicant qualifies under the mature student admission requirements of the post secondary institution;

1.3 The applicant at the time of enrolment in the U.C.E.P program has attained a minimum of 65 to 75 credits at the Grade eleven level or equivalent from among the subject areas of English/French, Mathematics, Chemistry, Social Studies, Physics and/or Biology;

1.4 The applicant provides a statement from the post secondary institution offering the U.C.E.P program that;

1) The student can attain the academic level for university or college entrance within a period of one academic year;
2) The student will be accepted as a student of a regular university or college credit program upon successful completion of the U.C.E.P program.

1.5 The applicant has not been financially supported previously by the Post Secondary Student Support Program for post secondary programs. Exemptions to this condition may be made for medical reasons.

III. Types of Support

2.1 For all U.C.E.P.P students, the maximum time limit for financial support will be one academic year (as defined by the institution offering the program), or in the case of part-time students, the time period equivalent to one academic year.

2.2 Financial support for the second semester will be subjected to the administering organization receiving a statement from the institution confirming successful completion of the first semester; and that the student expecting to attain the credits required entering into a college or university level program of studies.

2.3 Full sponsorship will include tuition, books and a monthly living allowance. Part-time students will receive only tuition and books money.

2.4 In the case that a post secondary institution has a book rental policy in effect the administering organization will pay full amount of the book rental fees; and this amount will be paid back to the Post Secondary Student Support Program at the end of the semester upon return of the books to the institution in accordance with the refund policy of the academic institution.