Policies & Procedures

Text Books

  1. Sponsored students must pay a textbook rental of $100 per class.

  2. Non-sponsored students must pay $40 per class.

  3. Students will be given textbooks only after payment is received.

  4. All text and library books must be returned at the end of the semester or a hold will be placed on your registration.

  5. Students must present a receipt before a refund can be issued.

  6. Students will receive credit for returns made on Fall semester books and be applied towards Winter semester.

  7. At the end of the academic year, once all textbook(s) have been returned, 80% of the cost on book(s) will be refunded.


Computer Policies

  1. All computing resources and facilities of Old Sun Community College shall be used as authorized by Faculty, solely for legitimate academic instructional or administrative purposes.

  2. Individuals who use the College computer facilities for any purpose will assume the responsibility that these resources will be used in a legitimate manner.

  3. Viewing and/or using another person’s computer files, programs, or data without authorized permission is unethical behavior and an invasion of privacy.

  4. Files, usernames, and computer output belong to the individual and are considered personal property. Users shall not examine or use someone else’s file or output without explicit permission from the owner. Users shall not use someone else’s username. Attempts to circumvent the protective mechanisms in the computer system shall be considered violations of the right to privacy.

  5. Users shall not deliberately attempt to degrade systems performance or capability. Loopholes in the computer systems or knowledge of special passwords shall not be used to damage the system, take resources from another user or violate privacy.

  6. Students will book scheduled times for use of computers, whether it’s to use the programs or internet. Students who do not have proper authorization or are scheduled to be in class will be asked to refrain from using the computers. A student who is repeatedly asked will lose all computer privileges.

  7. Any unauthorized or illegitimate use of computer resources, facilities or software shall constitute a violation of College policy and shall subject the violator to disciplinary and/or legal action by the College.




Willfully copying or attempting to consult a notebook, textbook, or any other source of information not specifically authorized by the teacher; willfully aiding or receiving aid from another student during an examination or attempting to give or receive such aid; obtaining or attempting to obtain copies of the examination prior to the time of the examination is given; or any other act which violates or attempts to violate the stated conditions of an examination is cheating.



Students are expected to complete assignments on their own. Willfully copying all or part of another student’s assignment or attempting to violate or violating any stated conditions of the assignment is cheating.

Cheating will not be tolerated and may be grounds for disciplinary action.


  1. Quoting directly from any source of material, including other Students’ work and materials purchased from research consultants without appropriately citing the source and identifying the quoted material.

  2. Knowingly citing an incorrect source using ideas (i.e., material other than information that is common knowledge) from any source of material, including other students’ work and materials purchased from research consultants without citing the source and identifying the borrowed material.


The instructor is expected to establish any guidelines for plagiarism and should make clear to the student their individual responsibilities on assignments.



Damage, destruction or abuse of personal or College property and/or premises shows a serious lack of respect for others and for the College community. Violators may be subjected to criminal prosecution, college disciplinary action, restitution for cost of damages, and possible fines.



Deception is defined as any attempt to avoid meeting the stated course conditions, such as making false statements to avoid taking examinations at the scheduled times, or to avoid turning in assignments at scheduled times. Disciplinary action may result.


Disorderly Conduct

Engaging in conduct which is offensive or presents a risk of harm to self, property, or other persons at any time may result in disciplinary action.


Drugs And Alcohol

Old Sun Community College will not tolerate the use of illegal Drugs or Alcohol on school property. Any person (s) caught selling or using illegal drugs may be reported to the RCMP (Police). Any person (s) who are intoxicated will be asked to leave the school premises.


Dangerous Objects

Possession and/or use of any dangerous objects or weapon, such as fireworks, ammunition, firearms or any other explosives, any type of pyrotechnics, knives, BB guns, sabers, or any object that could endanger a member of the College community is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.



Any forms of bullying at Old Sun Community College will not be tolerated. Those found bullying will be withdrawn from Old Sun Community College and not be allowed to register for one year.


Attendance Policy

  • Students are expected to attend all classes regularly. The attendance policy will be implemented by course and term.

  • All students are required to attend at least 85% of classes.

  • After five (5) absences from any given class, the student will receive a letter of warning.

  • After eleven (11) absences per class (including excused absences), the Registrar will issue a letter of withdrawal. All students have the right to appeal the decision.

  • Lates or early departure from class will not be tolerated. An accumulation of four (4) lates or early departures will equal one absence.

  • Attendance records will be submitted to your sponsor on a monthly basis.



Students who have failed a course twice will not be allowed to re-register for that course.


Assignments And Tests

Assignments and tests shall be determined by course instructors.

Absence due to unforeseen incidents will be considered by the instructor. However, arrangements must be made for all makeup assignments and tests.


Grievance Procedures

  1. If a problem should arise with regard to: an instructor, staff personnel, student, content or delivery; it is expected that students will attempt to resolve such matters with the immediate person (s) concerned.

  2. Should the concern not be met, the individual (s) may write a  letter outlining their grievances, and a meeting will be held with the Registrar.

  3. If the matter is not resolved then the individual (s) will meet with the Old Sun Community College Advisory Committee and         request an appeal hearing.


Bus Transportation

  • Availability is on a “first come first serve basis.”
  • $20 monthly fee ( NO REFUNDS)
  • Payments due before the 1st of each month and can be paid through the main office.


Bus only runs:     - Before 8:45 a.m. classes       - After 2:20 p.m. classes