Student Library
Library Hours

Monday to Friday:    8:00am - 6:30pm       (Closed on holidays )

Library Staff

Harriet Broad Scalplock  Learning Resource Coordinator
Douglas Many Heads  Library Assistant

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve Siksika Nation as a vessel of knowledge through higher Education. Through our mission we are striving to obtain a unique Aboriginal or First Nation collection of books.

Library Cards

All students must fill out a Library Registration Form in September and new students in February to be issued a library card. The Library does not sign out books until Fall (the first week of October) and Winter (the first week of February). The Library is for college use only, therefore books will only be signed out to Staff and Students. However, visitors are welcome to browse and read in the library.



Computers are intended for school use only. Students are not allowed to use computers for personal use such as, e-mail and facebook. Computers and internet usage are for school purposes only.


  • The Library has five Computers with the internet/printer available for students.
  • The Library has various academic search engines that can be utilized for research purposes.
  • No food/drinks in the Library at any time.
  • The library has zero tolerance for disruptive individuals. Please be respectful of others studying in the library.
Overdue Books

All Old Sun Community College library books and resources must be returned before the school term ends. Failure to return overdue books could negatively affect future funding and/or registration.


Lois Hole Campus Alberta Digital Library

The Lois Hole Campus Alberta Digital library provides Old Sun College and other participating post-secondary institutions in Alberta with digital information resources for teaching, learning and research.